Bridge Media

360-degree publishing


I’m a publishing entrepreneur and innovator, advisor, and mentor, with 20 years’ experience as former CEO of an international publishing software development business and 10 years in creative illustrated publishing before that. I’ve worked with businesses in the UK, USA, Netherlands, Germany and France. My experience guides publishers and others in creating new integrated digital and print opportunities. Often these bridge the needs of content creators and the digital media that support them. In one way or another, everything I do aims to facilitate that bridge

Bridge Media 360 was established

in London in 2019

Nicholas BEVAN

A psychologist who became a publisher: and a broadcaster, media creator, author. An ideas driver who for over 20 years has made concepts, large and small, work for integrated illustrated content in books, travel guides, video explainers, podcast - the first now 10 years old - website design, photography, product packaging and more in an internation market.

The 360-degree solution to a media idea is so appealing as it brings together all  options for delvery. Digital advances across all media resources make sure the approach is attainable.

Bridge Media presents an opportunity to create successful, inspiring and entertaining realities whatever the eventual platforms.