Bridge Media

360-degree publishing


Your bridge between digital and print media publishing.

Bridge Media blends media in print and digital publishing, to enhance the benefits of both.

Bridge Media provides a 360-degree view of publishing’s potential. We develop ideas in the formats, channels, media and contexts that suit consumers best.

Bridge Media is for

Publishers, large and small, exploring the opportunities a blend of print and digital can bring.

Organisations seeking to bridge the culture gap between creative and technical expertise.

Experts who would like to add their knowledge and skill to Bridge Media associates and advisors.

Bridge Media provides

Project development … for your projects and for our own; we bring creative expertise in print, online, video and audio to vital human and global issues.


Consultancy … on implementing 360-degree approaches cost-efficiently.

Partnerships … where complementary skills and insights

create synergies in publishing innovation.

Bridge Media develops subjects worth sharing.

Trusted information, delivered where, when and how it’s needed.

To find out about working with Bridge Media or if you would like to license our content and products, please contact